Street Feast opens new venue Public in Woolwich (By Laura Enfield)

An electronic rainbow has materialsied in Woolwich with pots of grub at its end.

Street Feast, which operates Hawker House in Rotherhithe and Giant Robot in Canary Wharf, has opened its fifth London venue.

Public transforms an 86-year-old former covered market in south-east London into a feasting arena.

The indoor space features an arched rainbow roof, two mezzanine levels and a large ground floor area serviced by eight food traders and numerous bars.

It launched at the end of last week and will open every Friday from 5pm and every Saturday from noon.

Here’s a taste of what hungry travellers will discover.


Rust Bucket Pizza Co.

Rust Bucket pizza maker Nico Marino Credit: Holly Cant

Italian Vito Marino runs this wood-fired pizza bar with teenage son Vito.

Based locally in Woolwich, he set up the business a year ago but was ousted from his previous site.

Vito said: “We have had a dramatic situation. This is the third time we have opened.”

Originally from the village of Positano on the Amalfi Coast, his mother taught him how to make pizza when he was a child.

His main job was as a skipper at sea but he has previously worked in pubs, corporate catering and “naughty nightclubs”.

“I’m a sailor stranded in the UK right now,” joked the 39-year-old.

He and son Nico, 13, make dough from scratch on-site and add toppings such as pork sausage, mozzarella, fresh basil, broccoli, tomato sauce and courgettes.

“We wanted it to be good quality and organic without being expensive and to do it from scratch in front of people’s eyes and make them smile,” said Vito.

“Our pizza dough is quite hydrated and therefore much more difficult to handle but it makes a better experience for the customer.

“It won’t hurt your tummy as it has a better fermentation and maturation process.”

Pizzas cost £5-9.


Owner of INK crispy squid bar Lucy Mee. Photo: Holly Can

Istagrammers will love these plates of crispy squid, which come with a choice of pastel coloured mayos.

The business was set up 18 months ago by Lucy Mee and has hit on the millennial pink trend.

“I did a dissertation at Leeds University about how food has become this sexy thing and people take photos of it,” she said. “It never used to be like that, it was just bread, veg and meat.

“So I wanted to incorporate design in my food.”

She and boyfriend Joshua Paterson already run successful street food company Bill Or Beak and saw the gap in the market for squid as no-one was doing it.

They started at Street Feast’s Model Market venue and are also at Hawker House.

A classic plate of crispy salt and pepper Szechuan squid comes with soy dressing and black garlic mayo (£10). Fillet O’Fish (£8) is a fish burger with American cheese, pickles and tartare sauce with fries available for an extra £2.

And they have launched an exclusive dish at Public – fish nuggets with sweet chilli glaze and lime salt, served with hand-cut chips (£7).

Lucy said: “I love street food because you can make restaurant quality dishes, sometimes better, and people can eat it on a little table in front of a fire for a lower price.”

They also do a kids portion (£4.50) and fries with curry sauce (£4)


What you see is what you get at this rotisserie chicken stand.

Watch the birds rotate on the spit and choose from a quarter (£5), half (£9) or whole (£15) one.

The company is an offshoot of Camden street food traders Steakhaus.

Owner Lily Bovey said: “Rotisserie chicken was actually my original idea.

“We have marinade we send to the butchers so the chickens are marinated for quite a long time.

“And then it is all about timing to make sure they are cooked to perfection.”

Originally from West Sussex, the 25-year-old worked in PR and bars before quitting her job to try her hand at street food.

Now living in Haggerston she said: “I have always loved to cook and just decided to go for it and here we are three years later.”

They also serve up chicken bombers in Japanese panko breadcrumbs (£5), zingy slaw and rosemary salted chips (£3 each).

Lava Bar

Double choc molten doughnut puddings with ice-cream from Lava Bar. Photo: Holly Cant

This is the only place you can get these melt-in-the-middle filled doughnuts.

Reportedly a new concept from the people behind Dinerama-based You Doughnut.

Stall manager Mollie Parker, 25, said: “They are hot doughnut bites made with our classic dough and with two fillings.