Adopt A Tree

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Rust Bucket Pizza Co. is a market style Pizzeria in London and we've been engaging in different projects to give back to the community and to the Environment, which provide us with everything we need. Currently we have been planting locally in London to reduce our Carbon footprint, since we use wood-fire to do our pizzas, besides that we have different projects that can be checked out on our website's blog. We are just getting started and our initial plan is to expand our initiative by planting in our home country as well, on the Lattari Mountains, starting from Positano, Moiano, Praiano and Agerola. Our main objective with that is to adjust the local micro-climate one small area at a time, generating paid labour to the local communities throughout the donation made by our benefactors, planting a wide range of fruit plants that will not only benefit the community but also the local wildlife. We believe that with the right project in one year, we could make a donation of 10 plants per person/month, paying for all the labour work and all the means necessary getting a total of 600.000 new trees and helping the World to be more sustainable.  We welcome other companies to be involved and we really appreciate any donation or help available. Know that by only sharing this could already make a difference.  We are grateful for your time and interest in the matter.

Kind Regards, Vito Marino & Rust Bucket Family.

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