No Space to Grow?

More people than ever live in cities and don’t have a garden. But you can still grow and pick your own home grown food. Vertical Veg exists to help you discover how to make the most of your growing – for your wellbeing, your family and your community (not forgetting the bees!).

By growing at home in containers – even on a small scale – you can enjoy fresher, tastier and healthier food, feel closer to nature and the seasons, and waste less food. You can also get a lot of pleasure from growing in the city and feel happier and healthier.

After discovering this for myself, I started Vertical Veg to inspire and support other people who wanted to grow food in containers. It is not difficult to grow in containers but a little bit of the right information can make a big difference.

On the Blog pages of this site you’ll find a lot of free tips and information. I’m trying to provide accessible, reliable and authoritative information, as I draw on my own direct experience of all the challenges – and benefits – of growing in containers in the city. I hope the tips and information I provide here will inspire you and help get you started.

The Courses I am creating aim to demystify growing and walk you through how to grow successfully step by step. The Masterclasses bring in the expertise of professional growers – and apply it to the particular challenges of growing food in containers in small spaces.

Through Vertical Veg I’ve also been working to support the development of a wonderful global online community of container growers who share experience, knowledge, and stories. Do join us.

I also have a Patreon page, where you can become a supporter or ‘patron’ of Vertical Veg. Becoming a patron gives you access to detailed guides and video masterclasses with professional growers and other experts. Patrons can also join growing courses and our global seed swap. You’ll see this content is marked “Patreon only” on the site. The support of my patrons makes Vertical Veg possible and I am incredibly grateful for their support.

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