Rust Bucket was created by the Marino Family to resurrect the concept of the Pizzeria Market as a celebration of the old traditional history of Neapolitan Pizza. Updating and generating an inspirational modern idea of a Plaza that caters to customers who want simple and imaginative menus created using high quality, authentic ingredients at affordable prices. ​

​   We are currently based on Woolwich Public Market, AKA Street Feast Public and at The Bull. They are both a centre of gathering for the local community as a welcoming place for a wide range section of people and especially appealing to families with children and pets. 


   We constantly research and experiment with our our, in order to create a light, fragrant and tasty dough. 


    The method doesn’t follow fixed rules or secrets, it’s only the result of the right mix of fundamental Pizza ingredients.

     Associating excellent products to an artisan recipe composed of water, flour, yeast and salt, makes our idea more than a project. 


    It’s a real mission that is making our traditional products recognised among all our customers. 


Our team is composed by  trained italian pizza chefs and we are always trying to perfect and innovate our methods to always deliver a high standard Pizza.

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